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The mkhome command, available on the user service machines, gives you a simple way of creating a personal homepage on the web. You can run mkhome using secure command line access (SSH).

Running mkhome the first time

Log on to one of the user services machines using your BUCS username and password.

Run mkhome by typing:


mkhome starts by introducing itself, and then asking you several questions about yourself. It uses the answers to create a fairly simple homepage.

The file will be called index.html. On most campus PCs running MS Windows operating systems, this file will be available as: h:\public_html\index.html

Once created, your homepage will be available on the Web using the URI: for students and staff

where user is your username. The page will automatically be added to the list of all personal pages at Bath but this does not happen until the next day.

Running mkhome again

You can re-create your homepage at any time by re-running mkhome. You will have to answer all the questions again. If you already have a personal homepage, mkhome will confirm that you want to overwrite it before it does so.

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