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Agenda for 5th December 2014

Notes: Iris

Agenda for 21st November 2014

Notes: Liam

Agenda for 7th November 2014

Notes: Rhian

Agenda for 24th October 2014

Notes: Iris

Agenda for 10th October 2014 (Council Chambers)

Notes: Charlotte

Agenda for 26th September 2014

  • Editorial Calendar (Rhian)
  • On-campus analytics (Ross)
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference (Tom N)
  • Digital Monkeys (Charlotte)

Notes: Iris

Agenda for 12th September 2014

Notes: Kelv

Agenda for 29th August 2014

  • Prospectus roles and permissions (Tom T)
  • Pivotal (Ross)
  • All about social media (Charlotte)
  • Homepage prototype (Liam)

Notes: Rhian

Agenda for 15th August 2014

Notes: Kelv

Agenda for 1st August 2014

Notes: Miles

Agenda for 18th July 2014 (WH 1LT)

  • (Tom T)
  • Getting served (Phil)
  • Universal analytics (Chris)
  • Browser tools for mobile emulation (Tom T)
  • Entrepreneurship (Joey)

Notes: Liam

Agenda for 4th July 2014

Notes: Tom N

Agenda for 20th June 2014

  • Digital signage (Ben Harris, Martin Cornish)
  • Changes to /about layouts (Kelv)
  • Vine (Jessica Otterwell)
  • Product roadmaps format demo (Ross)

Agenda for 6th June 2014

  • Careers site (Charlotte, Iris) 
  • Visa process of applicants (Lara)
  • World domination (Will Marsh)
  • Something something prospectus (Tom N)

Agenda for 23rd May 2014 (Council Chambers)

Agenda for 9th May 2014

Agenda for 25th Apr 2014 (Council Chambers)

Agenda for 11th Apr 2014

Agenda for 28th Mar 2014

Agenda for 14th Mar 2014

Agenda for 28th Feb 2014

  • Working with Foundation 5 (Tom N, Tom T)
  • The future of the UG prospectus  (Rich)
  • Foundation and SAMIS (Steve Wyatt)
  • Pictures on the Walls (Charlotte, Dan)
  • Longform content (Miles, Iris)

Agenda for 14th Feb 2014

Agenda for 31 Jan 2014

Agenda for 17 Jan 2014

  • Visits vs page views (Tom N)
  • SAMIS magic (Matt Dales)
  • Plans for /worldwide domination (Ross)
  • No labels