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Digital holds a Show & Tell session every second Friday at 10AM. All are welcome to attend.

Team members self-nominate (or are invited) to demo work in progress, work that's recently been shipped or readouts from research that they want feedback on or that they believe the rest of the team want to know more about.

There can be up to 5 presentations per session. Each presentation will be up to 5 mins, followed by up to 5 mins of questions and then a supportive round of applause. We welcome guest presentations and aim to have one at each session (to be included in the total 5).

The running order (agenda) for each Show & Tell should be drawn up at least a day in advance of the session. 

There is a Group Manager group for managing comms and calendar invitations.

Rules for presentation slides

  1. Don't over do it. The simpler the better. And remember when choosing fonts and colours that our projectors and screens aren't the best.
  2. Upload them as, or share with, bathweb in Google Drive
    We should only need to log in to Google Drive once at the beginning of the session. This will eliminate the time and hassle of switching to different accounts for each speaker.
  3. Attach or link them to this page, from the correct agenda.

Agenda for 3rd November 2017 (room tbd)

  • Gecko forms (Graham)

Agenda for 6th October 2017 (8W 2.20)

  • Beta update
  • 360 Images on the website (Sarah James)
  • New WCAG (Rayner)
  • Ranganathan vs Agile (Lizz)
  • Content Strategy (John)

Agenda for 22nd September 2017 (1E 3.6)

  • Beta update
  • PPT slide templates from FacSci (Meghan)
  • Confidence and Paranoia (Justin Keevill)

Agenda for 8th September 2017 (1E 3.6)

Agenda for 25th August 2017 (1E 3.6)

  • Beta update (Rich)
  • Sublime plugins (Chris H.)
  • IPR transition (Hanna)
  • Digital journalism tools (Tom D)

Agenda for 11th August 2017 (1E 3.6)

Agenda for 28th July 2017 (1E 3.6)

  • Beta update (Rich)
  • Creating an eLearning course (Rod R)
  • Brighton Ruby (Justin K)
  • Coding to cope with depression (Sean)
  • How things have changed (Iris)

Agenda for 14th July 2017 (1E 3.6)

  • Beta update (Rich)
  • Course Publisher (Rich)
  • How we deploy (Iris)
  • Collaborate Bristol (Rayner)
  • LastPass (Sean)

Agenda for 30th June 2017 (1E 3.6)

  • Beta update (Rhian)
  • Chinese social media (Rod R)
  • Dokku (Sean)
  • BTB (Dan)

Agenda for 16th June 2017 (1E 3.6)  CANCELLED

Agenda for 2nd June 2017 (1E 3.6)

  • Participatory approaches (Hanna)
  • Photography (Gabriel)
  • Microservices vs Monoliths (Iris)
  • Erb templates (Tegan)

Agenda for 19th May 2017 (1E 3.6)

  • Beta update (Rich)
  • What to do when you get pwned (Sean)
  • Students' Union website (Matthew Parsons)
  • Code style (Iris)
  • One Hour Upgrade (Dan)

Agenda for 5th May 2017 (8W 1.34)

Agenda for 21st April 2017 (8W 1.34)

Agenda for 7th April 2017 (8W 1.34)

Agenda for 24th March 2017 (8W 1.34)

Agenda for 10th March 2017 (8W 1.34)

  • Beta update (Tom T)
  • Open source (Iris)
  • iBooks Author (Matt)
  • The physical web (Tom T)
  • Of course (Dan)

Agenda for 24th February 2017 (8W 1.34)

Agenda for 10th February 2017 (8W 1.34)

Agenda for 27th January 2017 (1WN 3.24)  CANCELLED

Agenda for 13th January 2017 (1WN 3.24)

  • Beta update (Rich)
  • State machines (Iris)
  • Student recruitment (Justin O)
  • Doing stuff to look cool and learning in the process (Sean)
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