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Do you have a talk you think people should hear? Is there something you'd like to hear about? Put ideas on here or email Unknown User (ma1twn) ( and we'll make them happen.

I want to speak (about)

If you want to talk, put yourself in here with your topic. Don't have a topic but want to talk? Put yourself here anyway and we'll sort something out.

  • Graphing using Google Charts from Google Sheets (Iris - September)
  • Chinese Social Media - after running an induction (Miao - after September)
  • HSTS (Tom N)
  • Javascript Promises (Tom N)
  • Sublime vs Atom smackdown (Kelv, Tom T?)
  • Javascript prototypes (Kelv)
  • Foundation 6 (Dan)
  • Pattern Primer (Dan)
  • Yeti (Dan)
  • Codepen, JSBin, SassMeister (Dan or Liam with Tom N?)
  • Testing the person profiles (Dan)
  • Relationship with your app (Liam)
  • Device / pixel ratios (Tom T)
  • Regular expressions of doom (Tom T)
  • Roguelike navigation model (Liam, Tom N)
  • Life span of news items (Takashi)
  • Moodle on the mobile (Sotiris Fanou, Hittesh Ahuja)
  • CRM: How are we doing? (Graham - October)

I want to hear about (from)

Something you want to learn? A project you'd like to hear more about? Put them here. If you have a person in mind to deliver that talk, add them too.

  • Flipper
  • Card sorting (Justin, Rhian or Hanna)
  • Student recruitment strategy (Rhian - October)
  • Ways to make people pay attention (Rubina)
  • User testing (Matt Alexander - March?)
  • Phonegap (Kelv)

Blog posts

  • Funnelback 404 (Chris)
  • Accessibility bookmarklets (Dan)

Non-digital people who have agreed to talk in principle

  • Tim Kaner
  • Tim Winship - Accessibility
  • Sophie Oldacres
  • Leigh Dodds
  • No labels