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The set up

The app set up was very complicated because it has many parts managed by different teams here is the run-down of who manages what. 

App contentMark Brosnan, Department of Psychology
App buildDeloitte Malta
ServerJosh Jackson, Digital Data & Technology Group
DomainDigital Marketing & Communications, through IONOS
SSLDigital Marketing & Communications, through IONOS
RedirectJosh Jackson, Digital Data & Technology Group - the redirect is on the server as just the top level link redirects to a Typecase page
Typecase pageFaculty Web Team, Humanities & Social Sciences

Renewing the SSL certificate

The certificate is renewed annually in July. A notification is sent to from IONOS

  1. Log in to IONOS to Manage your SSL certificates
  2. Select the certificate
  3. 'Renew'
  4. Download the private key
  5. 'Create and Download .PFX File using that key. Create a password when you do this- warning, you can save without a password but it won't work without one!
  6. 'Download .PFX file
  7. Send to Mark Brosnan for him to pass on to Deloitte - let him know the password separately using another channel. 
  8. Pass the invoice to Gail using the project code detailed on application infrastructure details spreadsheet

The full instruction from IONOS for managing SSL on Windows servers.