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This quick guide is for the Digital team to add an existing news item to the staff landing page.

The full guide which the Comms team use is attached to this page.

  1. Identify the correct post in Wordpress
  2. Ensure you have an appropriate image, sized correctly (216px x 216px)
  3. Upload this image to the Wordpress media gallery
  4. Grab the full URL of the image by clicking on it in the media gallery. Look for the 'File URL' field and copy the contents.
  5. In the post, create a new custom field of the type 'Headline image file URL (216 x 216px)'
  6. Paste image URL into value of newly created custom field
  7. Click the 'add custom field' button
  8. Categorise the post as 'headline' (under Homepage categories)
  9. Update the post, or publish if it isn't live and you have authorisation
  10. Preview updated landing page
  11. If everything is correct, publish the homepage