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This page provides guidance to Web Editors on how to create and support staff profiles pages on departmental websites.

Creating a profile page

Staff can find guidance on how to complete their profile page online.

  1. Create a new staff page in CMS
  2. Copy staff profile template content into new page




Creating new staff page in CMS

  1. Select 'New'
  2. Select the resource type to 'Folder' - click Continue
  3. Set 'Name' as the member of staff members name (formatting: firstname-lastname) and select 'Basic page' - click Continue
  4. Enter Title to staff members name (formatting: Firstname Lastname) - click Finish
  5. Set 'Template' to 'Standard page V3' - click Continue
  6. Set Title to staff members name (formatting: Firstname Lastname)
  7. Set Keywords
  8. Set Description

Module box types

Latest publications
Research membership
Image gallery
Recent news
PhD supervision
Inaugural lecture




Setting for top-level department staff listings folder

Set bath.jcustom:

  • /common/js/lightbox.js,/common/js/flowplayer/flowplayer-streaming-config-v3.js, /common/js/flowplayer/commercial/flowplayer.js,

Set bath.macros:

  • streamingvideo,lightbox,videolightbox

Set bath.scustom:

  • /hss/nav/staff-profile.css, /common/css/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css,
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