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A checklist of steps to go through when a DMC delivery team is starting up a sprint-based discovery or delivery project:

Identify product managerTo describe the problems and opportunities, represent the users, speak for the business and accept/reject the deliverables
Identify delivery managerTo represent the delivery unit, keep things organised and productive
Get team togetherThis can be just the delivery team or the wider team for meatier challenges
Call out the problemSo that everyone knows what this is all about and why we are working on it
Review previous sprintsWhat did the past us find out or achieve? Who has had a go at this before?
Identify users affectedWho are they? What do they want? When do they want it?
Identify stakeholders involvedWho are they? What do they want? When do they want it?
Decide sprint durationHow long do you have and how many sprints are you going to divide this time into?
Set a goalWhat part of the problem are you going to solve? What benefit are you to going to deliver?
Set up a sprint boardAn icebox, a backlog, a to do, a doing, a review, a done column
Set up a wiki page for notesRemember the future you
Write epicsThe stories you have in mind are too big but let's get them out there
Write user stories (and bugs and chores)Now make practical achievable fine grained stories written in the language of real people
Estimate storiesUse a scale to estimate complexity of each story
Estimate velocityHow many points can a team like this get through in a sprint
Prioritise storiesList the stories in order of importance and the order in which you will tackle them
Schedule stand upsWhen are you going to meet up each morning to review progress?
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