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  • Reply within 24 hours to all training requests. 

Arranging dates for Typecase Training

  1. Set dates in advance, making sure they do not clash with other events in the digital-comms-agenda calendar and are not at the start of a sprint or during stretch week. You should allow 2 hours for training.
  2. Contact to request computer labs for your chosen dates/times.  These rooms are hard to come by so expect there to be some negotiation!
  3. Set up a Doodle Poll or other (consider Google form next time) which allows a maximum of 8 signups per session.

Instruction for Doodle sign up

Please sign up (using your full name) to one session only. Each session has a maximum of 8 participants and will no longer be available once those places are filled. You will then be added via Outlook, which will include the location of your training. This will be a computer lab on campus.

Taking requests for web publishing training

  1. Email received by 
  2. Review whether they require training by the below criteria and either respond accordingly or continue on to the next step
  3. Send them a link to select their date.  We're currently using Doodle
  4. Add user via Group Manager to web maintainers - this puts them on our mailing list 
  5. Add user via Group Manager to web contributors - publishing roles and permissions are explained here
  6. Add user to Typecase - you will add them to the live site and define their owning organisation.  This will automatically give them access to training-typecase and their owning organisation will be 'University of Bath' (don't update this as content is not assigned in the testing site).
  7. Invite them in Outlook from web-support calendar (so any of the team can edit) ensuring you include the room location

Criteria for allowing people on to the courses

  1. Has their line manager or another appropriate person (e.g. FWE) given consent for the requester to attend?
  2. If you know their skill levels / job-title: are they the right person for web training?
  3. Do they just need to review a single page?  All UoB staff have access to preview pages if on campus (or via remote desktop) so if might be more appropriate for them to send their feedback to an existing web editor.
  4. If they want to edit a top-level V3 site (e.g. Study, Research, Departments, or Ceremonies), check with the Web Content Manager
  5. If more than three people have attended training from their department, check with Web Content Manager

After delivering training

  1. Send them links to: 
    1. for further practice
    2. for live editing
    6. - all Digital Guides
  2. Record their training attendance on the Google sheet