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Current typefaces


  • Helvetica Neue
  • PMN Caecillia
  • Gotham Narrow


  • Foundry Origin
  • Foundry Sterling


  • ITC Charter - 'University of'
  • Hand-adjusted Charter - 'BATH'


Typographic requirements

Mechanical requirements

Both digital and print require clarity, legibility and impact from the chosen typefaces, digital need a set of fonts that will work dynamically across multiple platforms and print require a selection of fonts diverse enough to work on a range of materials (from business cards to large format exhibition graphics), with scope to give different streams/themes an individual look that derives from the same brand. To best enable this the fonts should be made available in a variety of weights and an extended family should be considered for each typeface.

Aesthetic requirements

When considering the approach it was agreed that our font set should resonate with the World-Heritage City of Bath and surroundings, it’s Roman roots, Georgian architecture and also it’s cosmopolitan feel. A serif/slab serif typeface which roots us to Bath’s historical origins and the traditions of academia, combined with a contemporary set of sans serif for increased legibility across mediums was considered to be the main focus. Together they should help to encapsulate our brand principles and the forward thinking, research-led focus of the University.

Example uses

  • Headings/Titles
  • Sub headings
  • Body copy
  • Copy segmentation
  • Call to action
  • Pull-quotes
  • Captions/Credits
  • URLs

Scope examples

  • UG/PG
  • Corporate
  • Graduation
  • Research
  • Institutes
  • Centres


Print requirementsDigital requirements
  • Scalability of font (business cards to exhibition graphics)
  • Mechanics (leading, kerning attributes)
  • Comprehensive set of glyphs and characters
  • Legibility/contrast
  • Browser support
  • X-height value
  • Classical proportions
  • Comprehensive set of glyphs and characters
  • Legibility/contrast
  • No labels