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It's a Padrino application with a MySQL database.

The code is in

The application lives at Further deployment details are in the Application infrastructure details table.


You need to have MySQL installed before you can run bundle install, as the do_mysql gem will fail installation without it.

  • CentOS/Vagrant: sudo yum install mysql-devel
  • OS X (requires Homebrew): brew install mysql


Run it for local development

Start padrino on port 3065, bind to all IP addresses

The development environment expects a MySQL database. See /config/database.rb for details.


There are build and deployment plans in Bamboo for staging and production, with triggers set up on the Github repo.

Password change issue in Padrino

There is an issue in Padrino which prevents the password of an admin user being changed even though the message generated says it is successful.

There is a workaround by changing one of the other fields at the same time as the password fields. This forces the update.

The issue has been logged at

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