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The New Students homepage has a set of cycling images in a section called Focus On. This cycles through (say four) items of images and text highlighting areas for students to focus on... 


The New Students homepage uses Tom Natt's HTML cycle jquery plugin.

The homepage has the following JavaScript set to support this feature:



The homepage itself has the default item (the first thing that gets displayed) embedded within:

In particular see the content within the h3 and the image
<div id="focusOn" class="cf focus-on">
    <div class="focusOnContent">
            <h3><a href="/study/ug/accommodation/eligibility/index.html">If you've accepted an offer from us, now's the time to apply for accommodation</a></h3>
        </div><img src="/new-ug/img/focuson/focus3.jpg" alt="Student accommodation" title="Student accommodation">
    </div><!-- /focusOnContent -->

The other items are stored in:


As items named like focus1.htmlfocus2.html etc.

There is also in this folder index.html which has the following markup:

    <li><a href="/new-ug/focuson/money-matters.html"></a></li>
    <li><a href="/new-ug/focuson/disabled-student-support.html"></a></li>
    <li><a href="/new-ug/focuson/student-support.html"></a></li>

The /students/ug/newstudents/focuson/index.html file needs to be updated so that the code for the homepage knows which items to display (as well as the default item embedded in the homepage itself).

So, the HTML within the homepage has the first item, the subsequent items are in the /students/ug/newstudents/focuson/ folder and the index.html has a list of the subsequent items and what order to display them in.



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