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Step 1

Create a PDF file from your Word or other document 

  • Save PDF file to your local drive by using "File -> Save As" then insert the filename in the pop up window and put the save as type "PDF (*.pdf)"

Step 2

Upload your PDF file

Step 3

Open the page you wish to link to it from

Step 4

Type your text into the relevant place on the page (the human-readable title of the PDF file)

Step 5

Create a link to your PDF file:

  • Highlight the text you want to be a link.
  • Click on the link button. 
  • Click on the yellow browse folder button. 
  • Select the PDF file you want to link to from the directory tree in the pop-up window.
Step 6

Edit the link to add the PDF class:

  • Highlight the link text
  • Right click on the highlighted text and select "Edit link"
  • Select the Advanced tab in the pop up box
  • Under "Stylesheet classes" add the text pdf (in lower case) to the box the click OK
Step 4

Publish both the web page and the PDF file

PDF not displaying?

If you are using Internet Explorer, the PDF will not display in the CMS - it will only be displayed in the online version of the site (accessed via www, e.g. )

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