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When on support the following RT queries may be of use. All of the pages automatically refresh every 2 minutes.

You need to login to RT before you can access these URLs otherwise you get sent to the RT login page which doesn't work

All unassigned tickets

All assigned tickets that are still new

Useful to see if people have actually picked up a ticket they've been assigned.

All unresolved tickets

Tickets closed by which user since a certain date (''__OwnerName__''&Query=%20Queue%20%3D%20'web-frontline'%20AND%20Status%20%3D%20'resolved'%20AND%20Resolved%20%3E%20'2010-12-16')

RT homepage

In addition to these, having the RT homepage refreshing every 2 minutes is useful to see when people reply to tickets you've resolved.

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