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A monthly meetup for members of the digital team to discuss how we can make better use of user research.

User research backlog

We have a Trello board for a backlog of potential user research stories.


Action points



  • Create an initial list in lists.bath that contains those people who we know are willing to take part in UR
  • Talk to the international team about international students and summer schools
  • Start to build a backlog in the User Research Trello board
  • Talk to Richard Prowse about getting a (half) day a month to push forward with research
  • Investigate user research participant management systems (DevDev?)


General information

This initial meeting was to gather interested people in one place and have a chat regarding how we can overcome the problems we currently have with undertaking user research.

Current problems


  • We regularly undertake research with participants who are too close to the content (the intended audience)
  • We struggle with getting participants in from certain key demographics - potential students, parents of potential students etc.
  • We need to have a better understanding of the different kinds of research we can do, in what situations each type of research is relevant and how we could expand the volume and types of research we undertake.
  • We have a digital literacy issue that can hamper certain types of research

Different testing types

  • We’ve done some remote testing before - Iris and Liam ran over-the-phone tests for the Alumni page.

  • We could/should be doing more remote testing as it is relatively low-cost in effort and resource. We do need to find a 3rd party service that works for us though.

  • Pop-up/modals - These do have some merit but mostly people find them intrusive

  • Surveys - These can be completed in a users own time so can be more flexible

For consideration


  • Could we spare one day a month for user research? If there was a properly thought through backlog with testing options this could be feasible
  • A fixed date for testing means that we would be able to more accurately predict availability of participants. We could 'pre-book' people.
  • How do we get our participants? There are a fair few 3rd party services available that might be a good fit. For the time being we can use lists.bath at a pinch.
  • Can we do work in some kind of research with people in Content Publisher training?



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