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Issues for discussion

  • We want to create semantic markup - this has been our agreed approach for a while;
  • we don't want to 'reinvent the wheel';
  • There are two possible approaches:
    • import XHTML schemas into XML schemas and extend them using XML elements / complex types;
      • also vice versa we can import custom or standard XML schemas into mainly XHTML documents - PhilWilson
    • should we use XHTML 1.1 modules or XHTML 1.0 Strict?
    • use microformats instead.
  • some applications may still require custom XML schemas, probably for reasons of restricting what can be inserted into the document, or making it more searchable;
  • how does using microformats instead of XML affect issues like reusability, searching?
  • what editors are available for microformatted XHTML and can they be customised to our requirements?

Underlying questions

  • What are the criteria for situations where we would use XML or microformats?
  • What about the constraints of user interfaces?
  • Usability issues
  • Achieving culture shift (people's willingness to use new tools)
  • Working with (or within) the existing knowledge and expertise of the team

Suggested criteria for situations where we would use XML or microformats

  • flexibility of content creation - microformats
  • semantic markup - either
  • repurposing/reusability of content - XML
  • structured searching of contents - XML
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