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Users are automatically created the first time they sign in, however sometimes we want to create a user in advance so blog permissions can be set up for them. 


  1. Log in to the root blog (My Sites > University of Bath blogs)
  2. Under Users in the left menu there is an option Add new LDAP user
  3. Add a space separated list of username(s) to the box and click Save changes

The users are created by looking up their name in LDAP (via the Personfinder API as per the SSO plugin) and can then be added to blogs as normal.

If an account creation fails

This might be for a number of reasons:

  • the user already exists
  • the email address is already in use
  • the user does not exist in LDAP
  • the user is ex-directory

If the user is ex-directory they will need to log in first (to create the account) then an administrator can manually set their name.

Technical stuff

The code is here.

The plugin should only be activated on the root blog. If activated network-wide, admins of other blogs may get the Add new LDAP user option.

LDAP user does not exist error

The Add user from LDAP plugin uses the Personfinder API. If the plugin is reporting that the LDAP user does not exist and you are sure they do then check that the IP address of the bathblogs WP instance has not changed.

To check the WPEngine IP address go to

Compare this with the Personfinder IP address whitelist in

If they do not match, change the IP address in the Personfinder code and get it checked.

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