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  • Inaugural meeting 2 July 2008
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We inaugurated the Wessex Theory Seminar with a one-day workshop at the University of Southampton.


Coffee and welcome 11:30

11:40 V. Sassone, Structural Operational Semantics for Stochastic Systems
12:20 P. Bruscoli, Threshold formulae for normalisation in deep inference

Lunch 13:00-14:10 in the coffee room

14:10 B. Fischer, Explaining Verification Conditions
14:50 G. McCusker, Games, bunches and information flow
15:30-15:50 break

15:50 J. Laird, A trace semantics for standard ML
16:30 J. Power, Tensors of models and comodels for operational semantics (MFPS 2008 paper)
17:10 P. Sobocinski, Making the unobservable, unobservable

17:50-18:00 Discussion and close


From Bath:

Paola Bruscoli
Martin Churchill
Jim Laird
Ana Carolina Martins Abbud
Guy McCusker
John Power

From Southampton:

Corina Cirstea
Bernd Fischer
Ross Horne
Bilel Remmache
Vladimiro Sassone
Pawel Sobocinski
Issam Souilah