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1. Interface for Model of Diffusion of Innovation on Networks

This is an interface for playing with the three parameter model of innovation-diffusion with homogeneous nodes.

It requires the two files, groups.txt and homes.txt which are location grid references for lower and mid-level census output ares in Leeds, UK.

Python sources (all platforms)

groups.txt, homes.txt

Mac/Linux: ensure python-scipy, python-matplotlib, wxPython and python-networkx are installed, (Python version 2.7 tested).

WindowsInstall Anaconda Python, and making sure to install the networkx library.  Alternatively just use the version below if you just want to play with the GUI.

Microsoft Windows pre-compiled executable:

Tested on Windows 7 and Vista, includes all required libraries and files and should "just run"

2. EPSRC JeS latex template headers



3. Bath University Beamer Template

4. Webcam on/off script for linux

put in ~/bin

$ [on,off]

5. Emacs config for using org mode latex thing


6. Pandoc & Extended Markdown for Gedit

Install pandoc and then put the following in ~/.config/gedit

Open Gedit and go to "edit > preferences > plugins" then check "External Tools"

When working on a markdown (.md) file follow the links in gedit menu: Tools > External Tools

Example scripts:

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