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  1. Recover from a git disaster

    Using git's reflog as a timemachine when you've done something catastrophic to your own data The remainder of this article is dedicated to fixing a problem even … has further information on how to use the reflog. Unfortunately in this case, I had
    Digital M&CApr 11, 2018
  2. Customise a GeckoChat 'live' chat channel

    GeckoChat is a 3rd party live chat system. The University will be trialling GeckoChat as an additional contact method to the traditional email or phone options. Account setup Talk to gh448 in Marketing and Communications for access to the GeckoChat dashboard. GeckoChat channels Each GeckoChat ch
    Digital M&CMay 01, 2018
  3. How to use Flow to manage an editorial calendar

    need help using the tool, Flow have put together some useful tutorials to help get you started How calendars work … of staff Social Promoting an existing piece of content in social media. Available content items: Photo Video. How to flag thirdparty channels When you add a tag
    Digital M&CDec 17, 2015
  4. Getting started with Grunt

    Don't know how to use Grunt Find out here! Stepbystep guide Install grunt $ sudo npm install g gruntcli Initialise package.json $ npm init Install grunt task runner $ npm install grunt savedev Create a Gruntfile.js containing this module.exports = function(grunt) { grunt.initConfig( ); } Install
    Digital M&CNov 25, 2016
  5. How to audit the entire site for a specific term

    Sometimes we need to search the whole site for a specific term to find all instances of it. This might be to replace the term with something else, like if a department name changes, or remove references to it entirely. While you might be tempted to use Find and Replace to do this automatically, it's important to consid
    Digital M&CJan 13, 2015
  6. Editing the featured jobs page on the Careers site

    button on the toolbar: link.png Paste the URL into the “site URL” field and click the OK button. Here is an example of how the text field should look when you … want to delete. Jobs that have gone past their closing date will automatically be removed from the page. howto
    Digital M&CMay 29, 2014
  7. Update Research landing page articles

    Portrait images will be centered in the article panel. A default neutral background is automatically added to ensure there are no unsightly gaps. Editing an article Upload the image with dimensions 596 × 390 to /research/images/homepage/ Set a title on the image this will be the alt text when published Publish the image
    Digital M&CJun 25, 2014
  8. Editing the public lectures page

    will need to make “Find out more about this event” a link to the event page. This might be a news article about the event, a page on the organiser’s website … , then enter the title of the event into “Title” and click the OK button. Here is an example of how the text field should look when you are ready to publish
    Digital M&CApr 15, 2014
  9. How to edit best bets in Funnelback

    Funnelback help with best bets howto funnelback favourite favourite
    Digital M&CFeb 22, 2018
  10. How To articles favourite howtos guides
    Digital M&CJul 15, 2014