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  • Click on Grades in the Settings block to view the Grader Report.
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  • When the report is open, from the Settings Block or the dropdown menu at the top of the page, click on Categories and items, then on Full view.A dropdown list towards the top of the list of assessments on Gradebook setup

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  • A course total will show the current grades aggregation.  The default is 'Simple weighted mean of grades'.


  • Click on Add a category (at the bottom of the page).
  • Click on Show advanced at the top right to display all category options
  • Choose a Category name (this Enter the required fields and select the aggregation required from the drop down list. (Note: the category name will be displayed to students in their individual grade reports so it would be advisable to include the weighting in the category name by way of explanation e.g. `Assignments – 75% of total`).
  • Select the Aggregation method.  Choosing Mean of grades will weight all items in the category equally.
  • Decide whether or not to Aggregate only non-empty grades. The default in the Gradebook is for only completed, marked work to be included in the aggregation of the course total. Choosing not to do this means that any unmarked, unattempted assessments will be assigned a grade of zero and included in the aggregation of the final course total. The course total will gradually accumulate over the unit's life.
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  • Save changes at the bottom of the page.

To move items into a new category:

  • Tick Select the Select checkboxes downward arrow in the column on the right.
  • In the Move selected items to dropdown list, choose the Choose the category where the items need to be moved.
  • Repeat both these steps for the second category.
  • Save changes

To weight categories:

  • In the Aggregation column (for the overall unit category) select Weighted mean of grades from the dropdown list for the entire course.
  • A new column labelled Weight will appear, add the weightings for each category (0.75 and 0.25) and Save changes.


  • To return to the Grader report:   use the dropdown list at the top left of the page or click on Grades in the Settings block.
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  • Make sure you Turn editing off.
  • To view how students will see their assessment grades:  click on View: User report from the dropdown list (at the top of the page) or from the Settings block.