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  • Seems to do what it says on the tin
  • Works quite smoothly
  • The branching system seems logical
  • Files seem to upload *fairly* easily/quickly
  • You get a visual record of what has altered and it can be stepped through showing the changes in each layout.
  • The overview covers all art boards in the file.
  • Editing symbols is recognised as well. Which helps.
  • Can import existing files into Abstract and start versioning them straight away.
  • Files aren't stored locally. They go up to Abstract’s servers. You can export files from Abstract but this removes that specific file from version control.
  • You can only merge upstream by a single level. (This is also a good thing.)
  • Files have to be opened via Abstract App to get versioning
  • Can’t find a way to open the files from the web app (There is no way of doing this at the mo)

  • No PC/Linux version

  • Only works with Sketch at the moment. Photoshop files will need to be managed elsewhere.

  • Review process within the app is on partially implemented at the moment

  • Massive multi-art board files can take a few minutes to upload


  • Abstract is currently in private alpha. It will remain free for the duration of the alpha and beta periods but will be a paid service once released. There's no indication of pricing so far.It is currently a Mac-only application. A Windows version has been discussed but there is nothing concrete on the road map. There is no Linux version planned.


  • Abstract is currently in private alpha. It'll remain free for the duration of the alpha.
  • Once in Public Beta (currently scheduled for 11th July 2017) we'll have 2 free months for participating in the alpha.
  • Pricing for the organisation-level service (with admin, contributor and viewer permissions) will be $21 (Roughly £16) per contributor per month.


After using Abstract in a very loose manner for a few days we realised that a more solidified process was required if we planned to use it in anger for real work.