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The main inn is the Dancing Sword. It's the nicest of a bad bunch - a fairly dismal place, heavily used by drunken miners. The building is constructed of heavy wooden timbers and the rooms are a little draughty.

Rustafern was destroyed when it was flooded by negatively charged acidic water in the aftermath of the Cult of Cold and their ritual for eternal winter. The town was drained by Lord Giliad Sondard of House Sondard and Sir Elen Talnard of the Queensguard and cleared of the resulting undead by their forces along with the Bergen Bunch. Erin Maynon was the only survivor of the council and now leads the town as they begin the slow, painful process of rebuilding.

People of note

  • Mayor: Knodrel Cain (LN)
  • Sherif: Simon Let (LN)
  • Wizard: Erin Maynon (N)
  • Head of Smelting Works: Brandy Sooth (LG)
  • Innkeeper (Dancing Sword): Daniel Smith (N)