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  • Weeks 29-32

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WEEKS 28 - 33  (23/04/12 - 28/05/12)

Weekes Weeks 29-32

                                                     University Sessions                                                                                             


NO UNIVERSITY SESSIONS                                                                                                                

                                                                                   School Based Tasks

SD Programme activities

  • Action plan / objectives for block 3 should ensure that all Standards are met and/or to extend and challenge trainees further with Extension phase activities
  • PDP updates
  • Planning and teaching a KS3 PoS
  • Complete ICT Portfolio
  • Preparing for their 'History ToolkitMasterpeice Plenary.' presentation
  • Plan Community placement 
  • Draft Trainee Career Entry Development Portfolio

  • (TCEP)

    titlePlease upload timetable to moodle on 30th April at THE LATEST