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This is the homepage for the Faelon D&D Campaign setting. It's a traditional D&D world which attempts to recapture some of the flavour lost in the transition from 2nd edition D&D to 3rd edition.

Behold the map:

And the timeline:

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Where did it come from?

Faelon was originally born in a 2nd edition campaign, GMed by a chap called Joshua May. He didn't call it Faelon, or expand on its history too much - back then the game was set in a barony ruled by an evil baron and told the tale of 3 (+1) adventurers as they fought for profit, experience and (finally) the good of the realm. It was the very first game for any of them, so all kinds of barriers and rules were broken in persuit of fun and good times were had, even if my character did go off to find love when I couldn't make a session (not that I'm bitter you understand).