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  • To move away from architectural colours, but use the previous palettes to prompt and inform decisions.
  • Start afresh with a revised palette that leans towards a bolder and more contemporary set of colours
  • Limit the new palette to a core set of 5 colours (alongside a base of neutral tones)



  • Our colour palette represents the University and its values
  • The University of Bath is not the city of Bath. Our palette should not be limited by geography or locale.
  • The palette should embrace innovation and forward thinking.
  • Our traditions are but 50 years old. We are different. We should *be* different.
  • We are young and smart, swift and concise, honest and proud of what we are.
  • Our colours are bold but not brash, and each bright stroke is tempered with a cool, considered anchor.
  • Our palette should have impact.
  • Our palette is limited, considered and carefully curated.