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  • Master
    An Abstract project starts with a single `Master` branch. The Master branch should only hold the latest, most polished version of the design file.
  • scratchpad
    This is tagged 'Work in progress' and contains ideas, concepts, sketches and roughs. This branch is NEVER merged back into `Master`.
    The end result should be a single Sketch file, versioned through Abstract, that holds multiple art boards of design thinking.
  • staging
    As with Github, `staging` is our primary working branch. Designs in progress are created in sub-branches from `staging` and merged upwards into `staging` once a design review is complete.



To improve document and project organisation as well as future searchability, we have introduced a naming system for new projects. This is something that isn't currently offered by Abstract, but may be something that is on the development roadmap.

Code Block
[LABEL] Short title of thing

Current labels in use:

  • DESIGN SYSTEM - for Lens or Origins assets
  • PRINT - for things made to be printed
  • TYPE - for content types and page designs
  • COMPONENT - for singular component development