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fortnightly two-hour attempt to be better at our jobs

There is a literal box on the Inspirapod™. Put ideas in there as and when they come up.

The aims

This is suspiciously similar, but distinctly different, from Digital's Developer Development

Creative Time Box (the cool kids call it CTB) is time set aside for personal development. How that time is used is up to individuals, within certain guidelines.

  • Should pick something relevant to the work we do
  • There should be some kind of output, such as:
    • Show & Tell
    • Recommendation for process improvement
    • Ideas for future project / work / development
  • It is productive time - with a clear goal in mind

What are we learning about?

Responsive adsEmpathy mappingYouTube metadata
 2017 year in review special
2017 year in review special
Light RoomPremiere ProMaking Gifs in Photoshop

University Market Insight Conference 2017 - slides round up

CSS essentials pt 6
PhotoShopGoogle Adwords 'expertise'CSS essentials pt 5
 Chrome dev tools pt 2Google Adwords best practiceCSS essentials pt 4
Chrome dev toolsMore bookmarked article catchup:CSS essentials pt 3
 ARIACatching up on UX: a Nielsen Norman bookmarked article specialCSS essentials pt 2
  4 oh 4Google Adwords for beginnersCSS essentials
WordPressWCAG 2.1-
   Responsive design part IIIGoogle search console - the geeky stuffGoogle analytics academy
   SASS-Graphics for social media
FullStoryPersonasAccessibility - an introduction
    Responsive design part IIAventures in illustrator (and beer) part IITouching up images
Responsive designAdventures in illustrator (and beer)UX fundamentals
  SASSPiktochart's design seriesMarketing for millennials
Adobe After Effects for people with a fully charged laptopPhotoshop - tips and tricks for a self-taught slackerPhotoshop - smart objects
  UX Basic training pt 2Google data studioWriting in plain English
  UX Basic trainingContent strategy (NN/g conference special)-
  Adobe After EffectsMobile first Indexing-