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Share the webchat link via social media a week and a day or two before each session. For MSc chats, the MSc team can make sure it's promoted on their Facebook groups.

Chinese social media

As of 30 January 2018 - it seems that Coveritlive is blocked in China (you can test it using So advertising on Chinese social media seems a bit pointless (although some sources suggest that about a third of Chinese internet users could probably access this).

Central comms

Social media

Send to


International agents

 Add event to Prospective Students on Flow (as an event. Use hashtags: #external homepage, #management, #social media).

It's not entirely clear what the benefit of doing this is, but why not eh?

International agents

Contact Antonio Marcos (International Communications Coordinator), who may be able to help promote internationally

Direct email marketing

This is probably the most effective means of getting participants. Relevant administrators should be willing to send an email to applicants/enquirers informing them of the webchats. One a week before, and a follow up a day or two before should be enough.

  •  Advertise event on Facebook and Twitter (send to
  •  Promote on Weibo (send to Miao He/Audrey Dong)

    Promote live chat to international agents (contact Viginia Irwin)


Event preparation

  • email contributors inviting them as panellists (see above)
  • encourage panellists to add a picture of themselves (do they need to register first?)
  • share Google form registration spreadsheet with participants
  • make sure the MSc team invite applicants/enquirers via Samis
  • make sure the chat is advertised widely on the website (see above) and promoted via social media
  • send a reminder to those who completed the form a day before the chat (see below)
  • the morning of the event (or the evening before) - replace registration form with chat window code
  • email all panellists with URL, instructions for joining, questions and the instructions for panellists


Get the email addresses from the Google form spreadsheet (should be in a folder on the drive called 'webchats'). You should be able to copy and paste the cells directly into an Outlook message without having to add them individually.Gecko (at the time of writing I don't know how to do this)


Always use the BCC field to send emails to students. If you don't, you'll be sharing their email addresses. If that's not a breach of the data protection act, it should be.

Suggested text - obviously might you'll need to amend the time, link and MSc/UG depending on the courses.


Thank you for registering for a reminder for tomorrow’s live chat event. Our MSc team and some current students will be online from 11.00 (BST). If you're joining us from another country, check what time this is here:

You can join the chat here:

If you submitted a question through the form, we will do our best to answer it. While you wait, why not take a look at our range of MSc courses:

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Best wishes

School of Management
University of Bath


Thanks very much for taking part today. We've run out of time.

If you have any more questions can find email addresses on relevant course pages (under 'get in touch') here:

Look under 'contacts' in the relevant course.

We will be running another live chat in xxxxx, check our website nearer the time for more information.

And remember you can also interact with us on social media:

Thanks for all your great questions!

After the event

  • export the registration form repsonses to a spreadsheet. Email it to the MSc team and delete the spreadsheet from Google drive
  • remove (or comment out) adverts from across the website
  • you can leave the chat page as it is, but change the text to read e.g. 'This event took place on 25 February 2016. See below for a transcript.'
  • make an archive of the session. See for example:
  • post the archive to the past event wiki page and request/collate feedback
  • make amendments to this page if the process changes based on feedback
  • have a nice cup of tea and maybe a biscuit