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  1. Set the Widget Colour to #FC0C42 ($coral in the Lens colour palette)
  2. Upload the wordmark-only version of the UoB logo in  uob-logo-wordmark-inverse.svg into Widget Header Logo
  3. Upload shim.png into Open Icon
  4. Upload icon-close-small.svg into Close Icon
  5. Add 'Enter your details to start chatting with us' into Chat Intro Message
  6. Set Unavailability Options to 'Show Unavailable Message'
  7. Set Unavailable Message to 'Sorry, we’re not available at the moment. Please email us or try again between 09:30 and 17:00 GMT.'

Geckochat assets

You can download the Geckochat customisation assets from:

X:\Professional Services\Digital\Brand Assets\Digital\Live chat