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This page lists improvements to the Lens design system in reverse chronological order.

titleLens version list key

Significant changes that triggered a new version of Lens are highlighted in green.

Version 107

Released 02-08-2019

Changes in this versionRelease dateType
Added split section13-11-2019✨ School of Management (SoM) feature
Added Extended navigation styles01-11-2019✨ School of Management (SoM) feature
Updated University award17-10-2019

📝 Content

Added skip to main content to the top of every page 26-09-2019✨ Feature
Added Parallax scrolling to hero05-08-2019✨ Feature

Restructured HTML to add quote, attribution and CTA to hero

02-08-2019🔖 New version

Version 106

Released 19-06-2019

Changes in this versionRelease dateType
Added School of Management theme15-07-2019 School of Management (SoM) feature
Added style for clearing hotline number04-07-2019✨ Feature
Added label component25-06-2019✨ Feature

Overhauled file structure to accommodate theming

19-06-2019🔖 New version

Version 105

Released 05-06-2019

Changes in this versionRelease dateType
Updated university awards11-06-2019📝 Content

Removed sub-header

05-06-2019🔖 New version

Version 104

Released 25-04-2019

Changes in this versionRelease dateType
Updated search results styles, added best bets and sorting.02-05-2019✨ Feature

Added small buttons, sidebars and panels

25-04-2019🔖 New version

Version 103

Released 05-10-2018

Changes in this versionRelease dateType
Updated beacon brand logo to replace the page title21-03-2019✨ Feature

Updated beacon brand JS and CSS to let SVG scale properly

26-02-2019🐛 Bug fix
Moved hero CTA to below the page title21-01-2019✨ Feature
Added a class to fix an element to the bottom of the viewport21-12-2018✨ Feature
Updated university awards13-12-2019📝 Content
Reset font size of markdown heading 121-11-2018✨ Feature
Added style for Shortcut navigation01-11-2018✨ Feature
Added new 2019 university awards06-12-2018✨ Feature
Increased definition between heading sizes in markdown areas21-11-2018✨ Feature
Added style for 'Home' content types Shortcut navigation01-11-2018✨ Feature

Moved the uni logo above the main navigation

05-10-2018🔖 New version

Version 102

Released 02-10-2018

Changes in this versionRelease dateType

Improved and refreshed search bar structure and design

02-10-2018🔖 New version

Version 101

Released 16-07-2018

Changes in this versionRelease dateType
Fix alignment and spacing for bullet lists23-08-2018🐛 Bug fix
Reduce border radius of global search fields20-08-2018✨ Feature
Added style for new search filters on Courses landing page27-07-2018✨ Feature

Fixed Courses search results filters

16-07-2018🐛 Bug fix

Improved global and role navigation

16-07-2018🔖 New version

Version 100

Changes prior to the global and role navigation release (101) were not recorded as separate versions.