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What is Pubble and what does it do?

Pubble brings real-time messaging to your website. This means that you can "live chat" with customers or reply when you are available. Pubble takes care of notifying your customers by push notification, email or SMS. 
The Pubblebot delivers instant answers to repetitive questions. Pubble's mobile apps enable you to reply to questions on the go or assign to your mainly a chatbot provider, for customer services. But it also has a good 'Live QA' function that we can use for live chats.

Member - is a standard member of your team (i.e. is listed in the Members section). Being a member means that they could be assigned a question / added to a group. 
Moderator - is a team member who has additional permissions for an app or apps. Being an app moderator means that they automatically receive questions from the app and can manage those questions (answer, assign, delete, etc.). 
IMP NOTE: School of Management must be added as a moderator for EACH event for the operator of the account to see and moderate everything.
Admin - is the top level role type on Pubble. They can manage the entire team (add / remove members, define moderators, create apps, etc.)

In terms of setup, there’s two ways that we typically see: 

1. All Members joining an event are added as Moderators - This means everyone sees all questions. This is the most common approach. The downside is that you will see a lot of notifications for busy events. 
2. Defined Moderators - whose role is assign questions / manage the event. This would be common in very large events. So you have 1-2 moderators and everyone else is a regular team member.


3) Select the LIVE QA function tab to set up a live chat event or edit previous events

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  • Use the CLONE feature to copy previous or similar events and then edit details accordingly
  • Use settings for:
    • App name 
    • Display name 
    • Moderation control - means the moderator will control and approve each and every question for it to be visible on the main page and subsequently answered (better left un-ticked)
    • Privacy control - get all questions either publicly or privately. Privately asked questions can then be made public by moderator 
  • Use Moderators for to:
    • Control and assign responsibilities to the team members
    • The VIP feature has to be clicked for all those managing the event and not just answering questions.
  • Add/remove subscribers - members who are specifically involved with the event notified of activities happening on the dashboard
  • Use schedule for to::
    • Allow questions to be submitted to the app before or after the scheduled time
    • Allow replies to questions and updates to be submitted before or after the scheduled time
    • Define the start and end time for the event
    • Write some pre/during/post event blurbs - short messages published on the platform at different times

4) It is advisable to then use the 'preview' feature and see how the page would look to participants. Once happy with the preview and all settings in place, save the functions and the event should be successfully set up for use.

The event should now be live!