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DateAgendaLinks and presentations
  • School of Management collaboration with Digital and an external agency to deliver new Typecase templates
  • Collaborative processes Lizz and Ben took to achieve data-reuse to deliver the new undergraduate fees display 
  • The iceberg beneath the concept of Agility - what does it mean by working in an Agile way, what are the advantages of doing that and how does the Digital team adopt Agility?
  • Overview of the upcoming work

How new SoM templated were built

Collaboration to deliver new Undergraduate fees display

Agility and how Digital adopt it

  • update on features of the new Events content type
  • learn about user testing for the external homepage
  • find out how technical debt builds up and how we tackle it
  • find out more about upcoming work in Project 24 (sprints 24.1, 24.2 and 24.3)

What's new in Events

Technical debt

User testing the External Home Page

External homepage prototype

  • Events prototype
  • Content Ops
  • Using Google Optimize for web testing
  • Project 21 achievements
  • Project 22 goals

  • Staff and Student landing pages
  • find out what we learnt when we asked people to carry out tasks and how this shaped the look and feel of the landing pages
  • learn how improvements made to the ‘Home’ content type editor will make it easier in future for you to manage landing pages
  • find out more about upcoming work in Project 20 (sprints 20.1, 20.2 and 20.3)
  • meet Minerva our Chatbot and ask questions