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Network access in: University Residences

Table of Contents

Questions and Answers

Why am I being asked to register my computer again?

Have you changed the network card or computer you are using, or has it been repaired? If so you will need to email asking that they remove the old registration so that you may register the new/changed device.

If this is an extra computer you need to email asking for an extra computer to be allowed on your connection.

My PC was infected by a virus/worm how can I help prevent this from happening in future ?

Your first line line of defence is to have up to date anti-virus software installed. If you install Sophos from:  your protection will be kept up to date automatically.

You should secure your system by setting up a password on it.

The port in my room seems dead, what can I do ?

Make sure you are connecting your computer to the right port, if your room has two sockets, one should be used for your telephone and the other for your ResNet connection: see Connecting your phone and PC or the email you received when your room's socket was activated. Please check account manager.

Make sure you are using the correct lead to connect your computer to the wall socket. It should have an RJ45 plug on each end. This is commonly referred to as a telephone style connector, but this is only really true in America,and it is in any case not the same connector. The American telephone system uses RJ11 plugs, which are used in this country to plug the lead into some phones/modems, but not the wall socket. An ethernet RJ45 plug has 8 pins, and is larger than an RJ11. Although an RJ11 will fit into an ethernet socket with a satisfying click, it will not work.

Make sure your RJ45 ethernet lead is not a crossover lead. These are wired differently, and although they can be used to connect two computers together, or to connect a hub or switch to your wall socket, they will not connect your computer to to the ethernet socket on your wall.

If you are using the correct cable, and you still don't get an illuminated link light on your network card (not all cards have them, but most do) then there may be a wiring problem: contact the Help Desk or use the Problem submission form

If your connection has been working but then stops without warning then check that the cable is still plugged in correctly. After that check your University email account on a different computer (in the library etc.) since we may have disabled your socket due to a virus infection being detected on your computer. We send you an email in such cases, follow the instructions given in it so that we may enable your port.

How do I get the Registration page, another one appears instead ?

Try clicking shift refresh or reload (usually shift+F5 on the keyboard) in your web browser.

My connection seems slow, can it be checked ?

Try the Speed Tester a few times and see what sort of speed you get. If it is significantly less than the figures listed for your type of connection then you may have a problem.

If the speed test looks OK but surfing non-Bath web sites is slow then there may be external problems affecting connectivity to that site, or affecting web access from the University in general. Try checking our News page as there may be an announcement there.

Why are pop up windows in Internet Explorer blank ?

There is a problem that can cause Internet Explorer to open any pages that open in new windows as completely blank.

On Windows 2000 it is easy to fix earlier versions of IE 6: From the Control Panel open Add/Remove Programs. Select the entry for Internet Explorer and click the Change/Remove button. You should be able to choose to Repair Internet Explorer.

On other operating systems and for the latest versions of IE 6 it is a bit more involved. See Microsoft's Knowledge Base article .

I keep on getting the Registration page, even though I have registered, or I have moved (and reapplied for ResNet in the new room) but get nothing, what should I do ?

You may have DHCP settings cached from a previous network you were on, or from a temporary address used during registration. To fix this...

For Windows 2000 and Windows XP:

  • Open a command prompt and type
    No Format
    ipconfig /all
    which will give you some technical information
  • Type
    No Format
    ipconfig /release *
    and enter and then type
    No Format
    ipconfig /renew

How can I use software I use on Library PCs on my PC ?

Software such as Dreamweaver, which runs on the Terminal Servers, may be used on user PCs.

Please see How to use the Windows Terminal Services for details.

Internet Explorer will not allow me to access any secure (https://) websites including, how can this be resolved (Windows XP Home/Pro)?

Please see Microsoft Knowledgebase article KB813444, currently linked at:;en-us;813444

It is advisable to make an appointment at the Computing Helpdesk for them to assist you with this, if you are not that familiar with computers.

Sophos keeps detecting a virus within a file on my Computer, how do I remove it ?

You can tell Sophos to delete rather than move infected files by Running Sophos from the Start Menu and then:

Go to the Options menu and select Configuration...

Tick the Scan inside archive files option

Click the Action tab

Tick the Infection option and select the Delete sub-option.

Then click OK, then the green Go button to rescan and remove infected files from your PC.

If that does not work then please visit the Sophos website:

and search for the virus that Sophos detected. Some virii need a special program to be run to remove them, Sophos make these available on their website.

I have Zone Alarm installed, Filestore/Printer access does not work ?

The following page shows how you to configure zones in Zone Alarm. You\'ll need to click "Add" and enter the trusted network of with netmask so that our services can be accessed unimpeded.

Zone Alarm's website

Windows Media Player - how do I stop it sharing my media library ?

Verify that the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service or Windows Media Connect network service is not running by doing the following:

  • Click Start, and then click Run
  • In the Run box, type services.msc
  • In Services, find "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" or "Windows Media Connect (WMC)", and then verify that the Status column indicates Started
  • Double click the service and click the Stop button, change the Startup type to Disabled

To reactivate the service repeat the process above, clicking the Start button instead of Stop, and changing the Startup type to Automatic.

Dell Network Assistant is installed on my computer, how do I stop it disrupting the network ?

We ask you not to use the Dell Network Assistant on our network as it is known to cause network disruptions and may lead to your being disconnected from ResNet.  

If Dell Network Assistant has not expired:

  • Open Dell Network Assistant from the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Dell Network Assistant -> Dell Network Assistant
  • From the File menu, choose Change Program Settings
  • Click the Preferences tab and remove the tick from "Start Dell Network Assistant when Windows boots"
  • Click Save, Exit the program via the File menu and then restart the computer

If Dell Network Assistant has expired remove it via Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.