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If circumstances suggest that working from home is better than attempting a journey to the campus, here's a quick reminder that many of our web-based services can be access remotely anyway, and some that are restricted may be used once you've set up the VPN:

You may also make use of the terminal servers without using the VPN - which gives more direct access to some of our software:

Once you're onto the VPN, those that have had their office PCs set up for remote access, may connect to it in the normal way. Those that think this may be useful in the future, please get in touch and I'll sort you out! I'll show you how it's possible to boot and shutdown some computers remotely as well (the booting doesn't work on all PCs unfortunately, but should be OK for the newer ones).

You can also connect to the campus network drives once you are using the VPN. More information about this may be found at:

Drive paths most likely to be of use are:{username} - the h: drive
\\\files - the X: drive

(Note that Q:\ on Physics PCs is the equivalent of X:\Physics)

If the setup information for the VPN and drive mapping looks too difficult, there is a new option (it's not really being advertised yet) - see: for an automated configuration tool for the VPN, which maps the drives for you automatically as well.

Email is obviously available through local clients, webmail or pine - configuration information is available on the BUCS website, if you aren't happy using webmail.

Instant messaging is also available, and for this web services recommend using the "Pidgin" client, and have set up instructions for configuring it - see: