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When the request comes in to support, the requestor needs to complete the request form bearing in mind the guidelines below.


Dear (NAME),

As you may be aware we have a policy for the use and purchase of external domains. This is available on our website:


There are many advantages to hosting your site with the University. Find out more at

If your request falls within these guidelines then please complete the form at http and return it to so that your request can be considered by the Digital Steering Group (DSG).



Digital Marketing and Communications


  • How long is the domain needed?
  • What type of content will it host and how will it be managed? Does software need to be installed to manage the site?
    • Any CGI/scripting (eg PHP) or Application servers needed?
    • Supporting facilities - Databases, email lists
  • Is an upload faciility facility required?
  • Who will own the files (editors etc)?
  • Who is responsible for the content? Contact email address?
  • Is a secure certificate required? This will probably incur an annual cost
  • Are there any access restrictions required? (eg to comply with Data Protection and FOI)
  • Security - you agree to keep your own content updated in line with security patches where necessary
  • Methods of access - will be an NFS share, but is CIFS access required?
  • What logging of web access requests do you want and how long do you want to keep it for?
  • What is the name of the vhost in question (plus any aliases)?