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Session: 22nd October17th February, 2009

Facilitators: Andy Ramsden and Geraldine Jones


'It has been observed that the use of ICT fosters a more ¿planful¿ and even ¿design-like¿ attitude on the part of practitioners, who suddenly have to make explicit many aspects of their practice that would emerge ad-hoc in a live learning and teaching environment.¿ Beetham (2008)


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The aim of this session is to introduce an approach which should ensure the design of more effective e-learning activities. This is based upon the principle of short iterative development cycles, with evaluation designed at the centre of an experiential learning cycle (Experiential learning' can apply to anykind of learning through experience).

The emphasis is working in small groups (2 participants and one facilitator). Although you will be working on different actual designs, the other people act as critical friends, in particular role playing the student perspective. 

The broad context is within a design inquiry proposal brief, which is divided into quadrants (rationale and supporting evidence, evaluation framework, learning design, and deliverables). This workshop places the emphasis on the rationale (with no literature support), the learning design and deliverables.

The background context is available from Building e-learning into your design for learning:

The two templates are;


Activity 1: Capture context template

  • Overview of the Capture Context Template?
  • Work on your capture context (10 minutes)
  • Q&A with other person and the facilitator
  • Re-work the capture context template

Activity 2: The learning design sequence

  • Overview of the learning design sequence
  • Work up your ideas into a learning design sequence
  • Q&A with other person and the facilitator
  • Re-work the learning design sequence

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