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Session: 30th April, 2010

SDF Spring Conference ( )

Facilitators: Andy Ramsden

Presentational Slides: slideshare .......


The aim of the session is to raise awareness of how mobile devices can offer an extra dimension to the staff developer in terms of delivering and managing courses and people. The intention is to cover a number of common activities we undertake and model how the use of mobile technologies may make them more efficient and effective through transforming the learning spaces we use.


  1. Using mobile technologies in low (no) technology teaching spaces (existing technologies / existing users)
  2. Using mobile technologies to create a new learning opportunity through making the leaner mobile (new technologies / new users)

The key message messages I'd like you to take from this session are there is significant potential for the use of mobile technology to technology enrich learning spaces (faciliator led use), as well as changing the pedagogical model and the learning space. It would be suggested exploring the former with a very relatively simply wins.

In terms of the wins, I'll enhance this workshop with some different uses.


Activity 1: Across to you


  • Question: Do you think Mobile technologies offer you a great opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of your staff development sessions? To the extent where you will champion their use if colleagues and senior management? *
    • Yes (q1y)
    • No (q1n)
    • Undecided (q1u)

_Activity 4: Design a ¿generic¿ staff development activity_

  • Question:   in In groups could you work up a typical staff development scenario (session) you run? Describe the room, the tasks you want people to do, the technologies you are likely to use and what you are trying to achieve with them


To be created during and post the session.

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