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  • Go to RT home page
  • Using the drop down menu in the top right of the page, select "web-frontline"
  • Click on "new ticket in" button
  • Enter the requestors details and look them up (only one field normally needs to be completed)
  • Click on create ticket
  • Add a subject and useful description
  • Click on create
  • You can then reply to and deal with the ticket as normal

Using RT by e-mail

You can set up RT with your e-mail client. This makes it easier for searching.

To set it up in Thunderbird:

  • Click on "File" then "Subscribe"
  • In the window that comes up expand "user" and "cc-shared"
  • Tick "support-web" and click "Subscribe"
  • Click OK

The ticket list will be imported into Thunderbird which may take a while. It will then be displayed in your list of mail folders.

Redirecting emails into RT


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