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Membership 2011/12


Professor Francis Burstall


Department of Mathematical Sciences


Dr Alex Cox


Department of Mathematical Sciences


Dr Bridgette Duncombe


Department of Chemistry (on maternity leave)


Secretary of the FLTQC -Marguerite Hallett, Faculty Assistant Registrar - or extension 3433

Agenda and papers - members-only access

Membership 2016/17

Jennifer Cantell
Mrs Hannah Dennis
An Undergraduate Manager

Dr Alan Hayes

Department of Computer Science
Dr Momna Hejmadi (Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching - ex officio) Chair

Professor Andrew Burrows (alternate Professor Ian Williams)

Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Dr Alex Jeffries Chemistry

Professor Geoffrey Burton and Dr Jane White

Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Mathematical Sciences

Mrs Sarah Ibbitson

Student Learning Experience and Quality team

Dr Frances Laughton

Department of Physics

Mr Shaun McGall

Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office

Dr Paul Mitchell Snow

Natural Sciences Programmes
Professor Kieran Molloy programmes

Dr John Power / Dr Marina De Vos / Dr Fabio Nemetz

Department of Chemistry

Professor Gareth Price

Department of Chemistry (Associate Dean) Chair

Computer Science

Dr Philip Rogers / Dr Christine Edmead / Mr Nicholas Haddington

Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Dr Christopher Todd / Dr Momna Hejmadi / Dr Alex Jeffries

Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Professor Sue Wonnacott

Department of Biology & Biochemistry (Associate Dean, Graduate Studies - ex officio)



Mr Alex Pool

Undergraduate Representative

Miss Manasi Phadnis

Postgraduate Representative

Dr Florin Bisset

Head of Learning Partnerships

Mr Henry Jackson

Mr Dominic Jones

Undergraduate representative (Mathematical Sciences), and

Undergraduate representative (Physics)


Postgraduate Taught Representative

 Mr Matt Humberstone Students' Union Sabbatical Officer (Community)

In attendenceattendance


Mr David Cameron

(VP Activities & Development) Sabbatical Officer nominated by the Students' Union

Mrs Elizabeth Bird Mrs Marguerite Hallett

Faculty Assistant Registrar Secretary

Mrs Jill Parker
Hannah Dennis

Undergraduate Manager

Mr Simon Gane

Graduate School Manager

Mrs Catherine Haines Student Experience Officer


Dates of meetings 20112016/1217





Deadline for Papers

21 September 2011

19 October 2016


2.15 pm WH :15pm

1 East 3.36

Friday 9 September

26 October 2011


14 December 2016


2.15 pm :15pm

Council Chamber

Monday 17 October

7 December 2011

25 January 2017


2.15 pm

1W 4.40

Monday 28 November

11 January 2012


2.15 pm

WH 3.36

Tuesday 3 January

29 February 2012


2.15 pm

Council Chamber

Monday 20 February

28 March 2012


2.15 pm

WH 3.36

Monday 19 March

2 May 2012


2.15 pm

1W 4.39

Monday 23 April

30 May 2012


2.15 pm

1WN 3.10

Monday 21 May

11 July 2012 (reserve)


10.15 am

WH 3.36

Monday 2 July


Council Chamber

22 February 2017



Council Chamber

5 April 2017Wednesday2:15pm

1 East 3.6

7 June 2017



1 West 3.30



Membership - Faculty

Associate Dean (Learning


& Teaching) (Chair) ex officio

Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) ex officio

One representative from each


Department nominated by the Head of Department*

One member from the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office, to be nominated by the Director of Learning and Teaching Enhancement

Head of Learning Partnerships Office or nominee



undergraduate students elected by and from the undergraduate student members of the Faculty

One postgraduate taught student elected by and from the


postgraduate taught student members of the Faculty


One Students' Union Officer nominated by the Students' Union ex officio

*This will include a representative of Natural Sciences



At least one member of staff on the Committee should have significant experience of the issues associated with placements or year abroad. Where necessary, an additional member

may be co-opted to fulfil this requirement.

In attendance

The list of those who may routinely attend meetings of the Committee is subject to approval by the Chair.


Terms of Reference

The Faculty /School/Division Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee will be responsible to the Board of Studies /Standing Committee for Lifelong Learning for the academic standards and quality of the undergraduate and taught

postgraduate provision of the


Faculty through:

(1) implementation, monitoring and promotion of good practice and innovation in relation to the enhancement of the quality of learning and teaching in the Faculty



including oversight of e-education initiatives;

(2) promotion of continuing dialogue between staff and students in the development and enhancement of the student learning experience, including the identification and

implementation of effective student engagement practice;

(3) consideration of key draft documentation for full programme proposals prior to consideration of full documentation by the Programmes and Partnerships Approval

Committee, including their academic content and coherence, academic standards and quality, relationships with existing provision, and conformity with the



academic framework and Quality Assurance Code of Practice;

(4) consideration of proposed collaborative provision, other than in relation to research degree provision, including Institutional Agreements and Exchange Partners, for

recommendation to the Programmes and Partnerships Approval Committee;

(5) consideration and approval of the renewal of department level arrangements with exchange partners;

(6) consideration and approval of Degree Scheme Review outcomes and action plans and determination of the process for monitoring implementation of each action plan in

line with expectations set out in the Quality Assurance Code of Practice



(7) consideration of proposed amendments to units, programmes and schemes of assessment, including approval of minor/intermediate amendments to programmes

of study and units where authority has been delegated by the Board of Studies, and recommendation of major amendments to programmes of study and units to the

Programmes and Partnerships Approval Committee;

(8) consideration of professional accreditation submissions and for recommendation to the Programmes and Partnerships Approval Committee;

(9) systematic analysis of recruitment, admissions and retention statistics in the context of national trends and any Faculty


-specific educational objectives;

(10) receiving and considering of overview reports and data in relation to academic standards, student progression and achievement and key aspects of the student

learning experience (including annual monitoring reports for programmes, External Examiners' reports, accreditation reports and student feedback) taking action as may

be required;

(11) consideration and approval of an annual quality report for submission to the University Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee;

(12) formulation of


Faculty responses to internal and external consultation papers relating to quality assurance, learning and teaching and widening



(13) implementation of relevant QA procedures and the promulgation of good practice across the Faculty



(14) recommendation of delegation of authority by the Board of Studies to appropriate subject-level fora to approve minor and intermediate changes to units and monitoring

the effectiveness of the subsequent exercise of this delegation on behalf of the Board


of Studies



(15) effective interaction with departmental programmes committees or equivalent and collaborative partners.




The term of office for nominated members of the Committee is three years (renewable). The term of office for elected members of the Committee is one year

(eligible for re-election). In the event that a nominated/elected member ceases to be eligible to serve, a replacement to serve for the remainder of their term of office

will be nominated/elected (renewable/eligible for re-election).

Co-option: At the discretion of the Committee. Co-option shall be for one year at a time and for a maximum period of three successive years; thereafter, a member shall not be

eligible for co-option for a period of one year.

Alternates: If an ex-officio member of the Committee is unable to attend a meeting, they may nominate an alternate to attend that meeting. If a nominated member of the

Committee is unable to attend a meeting, an alternate may be nominated to attend that meeting.

Quorum: One third of the membership of the Committee.

Rules for Voting: None

Minutes: Submitted to the Faculty


Board of Studies and Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee.

Revised by Senate


wef 1st October



Minutes of Meetings


19 October 2016

14 December 2016

25 January 2017


21 October 2015

16 December 2015

27 January 2016

2 March 2016

8 June 2016


10 June 2015

4 March 2015

28 January 2015

17 December 2014

22 October 2014


9 July 2014

23 April 2014

5 March 2014

29 January 2014

8 January 2014

27 November 2013

30 October 2013

18 September 2013


10 July 2013

29 May 2013

5 May 2013

27 March 2013

30 Jan 2013

9 Jan 2013


1.FLTQC mins 12.12.2012 open .docx

12 December 2012

1.FLTQC mins 12.12.2012 open .docx

13.FLTQC mins 28.11.2012 open.doc

28 Nov 2012

13.FLTQC mins 28.11.2012 open.doc

1.FLTQC mins 19.9.2012open.doc

24 Oct 2012

1.FLTQC mins 19.9.2012open.doc

1.FLTQC mins 19.9.2012open.doc

19 Sept 2012

1.FLTQC mins 19.9.2012open.doc

11 July 2012

30 May 2012

2 May 2012

28 March 2012

29 Feb 2012

[]11 Jan 2012

7 Dec 2011

26 Oct 2011

21 Sept 2011



17 Feb 2010

2 Dec 2009

21 Oct 2009


3 June 2009

29 April 2009

25 March 2009

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14 Jan 2009

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