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Agenda and papers - members-only access

Membership 20142016/1517

Hannah DennisUndergraduate Manager

Dr Alan Hayes

Department of Computer Science (Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching - ex officio) Chair

Dr Andrew Professor Andrew Burrows (alternate Professor Ian Williams)

Department of Chemistry

Professor Geoffrey Burton (alternate Dr Gunnar Traustason)and Dr Jane White

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Mrs Sarah Ibbitson

Student Learning Experience and Teaching Enhancement Office  Quality team

Dr Frances Laughton

Department of Physics

Dr Paul MitchellSnow

Natural Sciences Programmesprogrammes

Dr John Power / Dr Marina De Vos / Dr Fabio Nemetz

Department of Computer Science

Dr Philip Rogers / Dr Andrea TaylorChristine Edmead / Mr Nicholas Haddington

Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Dr Christopher Todd / Dr Momna Hejmadi / Dr Alex Jeffries

Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Professor Sue Wonnacott

Department of Biology & Biochemistry (Associate Dean, Graduate Studies - ex officio)

Ms Martine WoodwardDr Florin Bisset

Head of Learning Partnerships

Mr Henry Jackson

Mr Dominic Jones

Miss Jenny Munden

Physics Undergraduate representative AND(Mathematical Sciences), and

Undergraduate representative TBC (by 27 OctPhysics)


Postgraduate Taught Representative

 Mr Matt Humberstone Students' Union Sabbatical Officer (Community)

In attendenceattendance


Mr Jordan Kenny

Students' Union Sabbatical Officer (President)

Mrs Marguerite Hallett

Faculty Assistant Registrar Secretary

Mrs Hannah Dennis

Undergraduate Manager

Mr Simon Gane

Graduate School Manager

Mrs Catherine Haines Student Experience Officer


Dates of meetings 20142016/1517

15 pm8 July 2015




Room22 October

201419 October 2016


2:15 pm15pm

1WN 1 East 3.116

10 December 201414 December 2016


2:15 pm15pm

Council Chamber

28 January 201525 January 2017


2:15 pm15pm

Council Chamber

4 March 201522 February 2017


2:15 pm

1WN 3.11

8 April 201515pm

Council Chamber

5 April 2017Wednesday2:

Council Chamber


1 East 3.6

7 June 2017


2:15 pm15pm

1WN 1 West 3.2330




Head of Learning Partnerships Office or nominee

Two students (one undergraduate and one postgraduate student) undergraduate students elected by and from the undergraduate student members of the Faculty

One postgraduate taught student elected by and from the student postgraduate taught student members of the Faculty

One Students' Union Officer nominated by the Students' Union ex officio

*This will include a representative of Natural Sciences in the case of the Faculty of Science.

At least one member of staff on the Committee should have significant experience of the issues associated with placements or year abroad. Where necessary, an additional member


The list of those who may routinely attend meetings of the Committee is subject to approval by the Chair. However, it will include one Sabbatical Officer nominated by the Students'


Terms of Reference

The Faculty Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee will be responsible to the Board of Studies for the academic standards and quality of the undergraduate and taught


Revised by Senate wef 1st October 2012

Minutes of Meetings


19 October 2016

14 December 2016

25 January 2017


21 October 2015

16 December 2015

27 January 2016

2 March 2016

8 June 2016


10 June 2015

4 March 2015

28 January 2015

17 December 2014

22 October 2014


9 July 2014

23 April 2014

5 March 2014


17 Feb 2010

2 Dec 2009

21 Oct 2009