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the consideration and enhancement of departmental strategies for Learning and Teaching (including the e-education strategy) and Widening Participation;




the detailed consideration of all new programme proposals and collaborative activities, including their academic content and coherence, academic standards and quality, relationships with existing provision, and conformity with the University's academic framework;




the detailed consideration and evaluation of degree scheme review reports for submission to Quality Assurance Committee and Board of Studies;




the detailed consideration of all proposed amendments to units, programmes and schemes of assessment;




the detailed consideration of annual monitoring reports for programmes, External Examiners' reports, accreditation reports, student feedback and monitoring reports on formal written student complaints;




the implementation of relevant QA procedures and the promulgation of good practice across the Faculty;




the systematic analysis of recruitment, admissions and retention statistics in the context of national trends and any Faculty-specific educational objectives;




the formulation of Faculty responses to internal and external consultation papers relating to quality assurance, learning and teaching and widening participation;




the promotion of innovation in learning and teaching, including the oversight of e-education initiatives within the Faculty;




the effective interaction with departmental programmes committees;




the consideration of any issues referred to the Committee by the Senate, University Learning and Teaching Committee, Quality Assurance Committee, Board of Studies or other authoritative University committee.

A representative from each of the Departments in the Faculty nominated by the Head of Department. This representative will normally be intimately involved in taught degree programmes and be a Director of Studies. In addition the Director of Studies for the Natural Sciences Programmes will be a member. Representatives will be appointed on an annual basis. The Chair will be appointed by the Dean. The Faculty Executive Assistant will act as Committee Secretary.

Three or four meetings per semester as required.

Reporting Mechanisms
The Faculty Teaching & Quality Committee will report to the Faculty Board of Studies via its minutes. It will receive the minutes of the relevant Departmental teaching committees.

Minutes of Meetings