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Faculty Research Committee





 Documents related to this Committee can be found here (members only). If you wish to request permission to view this site, please contact


Professor Jonathan KnightChick Wilson

Associate Dean (Research) Chair

Professor Chick WilsonDavid Leak

Department of ChemistryBiology & Biochemistry

Professor Randy MrsnyMike Hill

Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Dr Jon Hunt

Head of Research Development & Collaborations, RDSO

Dr Hilary Johnson

Department of Computer Science

Dr Andrew Ward

Department of Biology & BiochemistryChemistry

Professor Peter Hall

Department of Computer Science

Professor Johannes Zimmer

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Dr Amanda MacKenzie

Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Professor Nigel Wilding

Department of Physics

Professor Hartmut Logemann

Department of Mathematical SciencesDr Jon Freeman

Head of Research Development & Knowledge Exchange, RIS

In attendance

Secretary to the Committee


Faculty Research Committee:
2013.3W 17A13 2014 .





16 5 October 20132015



WH 3.17A36

4 9 November 20132015



3W WH 3.17A362

7 December 2015Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
11 January 2016Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
10 8 February 20142016Monday2.:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
10 7 March 20142016Monday2.:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
7 11 April 20142016Monday2.:15-4:05pmTBC (tentatively the Council Chamber)12 May 2014WH 3.36
9 May 2016Monday2.:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
9 6 June 20142016Monday2.:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
7 11 July 20142016Monday2.:15-4:05pmWH 3.36


Membership - Faculty


Head of Research Development and Collaborations, RDSO RIS ex officio

In attendance:

The list of those who may routinely attend meetings of the Committee is subject to approval by the Chair.


Minutes: Submitted to the Faculty/School Board of Studies and University Research
CommitteeResearch Committee.

Approved by Senate
9th June 2010 (ToR update approved by Senate on 5 February 2014)

ToR also given here: 

No open minutes