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  • Make a copy of the list and hand to Sherilyn Elmes in IT training
  • Add the delegate names to the web maintainers spreadsheet and sort by surname (Web Awareness and Writing course only)
  • Add the date attended to the web maintainers spreadsheet for each attendee
  • If a delegate did not attend the course and they have booked subsequent courses then cancel their place on those courses and inform them by e-mail.
    • If they did not attend the CMS Essentials course then remove them from the web-maintainers-v3 group
    • If they did not attend the CMS Advanced course then remove them from the cms-template-dev group
  • Delete the date of the training course from the training request form
  • For CMS Essentials add delegates to the web-maintainers group
  • Send feedback e-mail:


    Round Rectangle


    You recently attended the (INSERT COURSE HERE) course.

    As we are constantly striving to improve training delivery within Digital Marketing & Communications, we would appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to complete the feedback form letting us know what you thought of the course. We do take all feedback seriously and it would help to shape future courses within Digital Marketing & Communications.

    You can find the feedback form at

    Many thanks for your help.

  • File the attendee list in the CMS attendee folder

Web awareness and writing

You might want to send some useful links to the delegates after training: