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When using Moodle for online submission and feedback of assignments there are several features that build on the enhancements introduced in Moodle 2.4. In particular there is additional control when managing the work-flow around marking large numbers of student assignments. On the Moodle 2.6 submission status page you can now see and set the marking status (In Marking, Marking Completed, In Review, Ready for Release, Released) of individual student submissions. These work-flow status settings help act as place-holders in the feedback and marking process.  For example the 'In Review' status setting can be used to denote that moderation is in progress and the 'Ready for Release' status when moderation is complete. Grade release to individual students can be controlled by setting the 'Release' status. It is also possible to manage a marking team by allocating markers to individual students. The work-flow and marker allocation features can be enabled when creating a new assignment by choosing these options under the Grade settings.

Workflow and Allocate marker 

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Moodle 2.6 now offers the facility for on-screen marking of assignments submitted as .pdf, without the need to download them. This utility can be turned on from the individual student grading screen and could offer significant efficiency gains when marking scripts. A variety of comments and annotations can be added including; text comments, freehand annotation and your own pre-defined “stamps” (such as a tick, cross or symbols such as sp or typo). A particularly important feature is the ability to save text comments for re-use. The saved comments form a comment bank which is a potentially powerful way to improve marking efficiency and equity.