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View the page in the CMS at . You will need to be logged into the CMS first.

Click the green + plus icon  to the top right of the top job listinglist. This will create a new job item.


Enter the title of the job. There shouldn't be a full stop at the end of the title. Examples:

  •  Junior Creative Designer (four month fixed term contract) 

  • DevOps Developer for Cake Solutions 


Please enter Enter the information in the following format:


Highlight “Find out more about this  job” and click the link button on the toolbar: 


This controls which list the job appears in.  It should be one of the following:

  • finalists
  • graduates
  • placements

Type in one of these words, in all lower-case.

Other fields

When you make an job listing, the author field will automatically have your name in it. This won’t display anywhere on the page, so you can leave it as is.


If you want to stop making a new job, click the black X cross  in the top right. This will remove the new job and none of your work on the job will be saved.


If you want to stop editing the job without making any changes, click the black X cross  in the top right. None of your changes will be saved and the job will remain as it was.


Jobs that have gone past their closing date will automatically be removed from the page.

Energy Industry Analyst