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  1. Ask a dev to:
    1. grep the filesystem for each of your terms (this will take hours and should be done overnight). For example:

      Code Block
      # on www0
      cd /www/vhosts/bath/
      ggrep -ri 'rdso' * > /tmp/output1.txt
      ggrep -ri 'research development support' * > /tmp/output2.txt
    2. There should be something we can do automatically here to make the output less awful, but it would need some requirements
    3. Collect the output files and send them to you
  2. Get a few great big .txt files.
  3. Create a new Excel file, or a new tab in your existing spreadsheet.
  4. On the Data tab, select "From Text" and then your .txt file.
  5. Import the file as a spreadsheet, using : as the separating character to divide the cells.
  6. Tidy up your spreadsheet.
    • Search for URLs containing "old", "test" or "webarchive" and remove those rows.
    • The W: drive audit will include every instance of the term, not just every page, so you may want to delete duplicates of pages.
  7. Add additional columns for:
    • Who is responsible for the page
    • Action taken.