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Start by navigating to the right calendar and the right content type (listed in the left column, under the calendars). You can switch the view from a horizontal task listing to a kanban Kanban column view using buttons in the top right corner (under "New").


Only choose a due date if your item has a definite due date. An item won't appear in the calendar view before it has a due date, but you will be able to see it in the kanban Kanban column view among other items of the same content type. If your item has an embargo, you should indicate this clearly by adding it as a Subtask.


Managing tasks in Flow
When you work on a task, you should:

  1. When you start work on an item, move it to "Doing" in the kanban Kanban view.

  2. Use the comments box to brief people on progress and/or ask questions.

  3. As soon as you know the aimed publishing date, add it in so the item will appear in the calendar view. If the date isn't fixed, add a "tentative" tag.

  4. Move to "Review" column when you've sent the content for sign off. Move to "Stopped" if it's ready to be published but waiting for something to happen before going live.

  5. When you've completed a task, move to "Done". Don't tick the task box as this will make the item disappear from Flow.