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  (error) On holiday
(error) On holiday    
   Rspec tests for the Slackbot    
  Feature queries & @supportsRspec tests and Travis CI  Rails Tutorial🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy 
  Abstract AppRspec tests for the Slackbot  Rails Tutorial🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy 
  (Re)Installing Node and NPMHakiri, Hound and Code ClimateJava Compile / Githubbery Rails Tutorial🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy 
  Slackbot opensourceryJava Text Adventure Rails Tutorial🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy 
  (error) Working on Course publisherSlackbot opensourceryJava Text AdventureRails Tutorial(error) Working on Course publisher 
?JHipsterMore more more JavaLRtHW(error) Going to see Harry Potter!1!1!! 
(error) Working on Course publisherMinaMore more JavaLRtHW

Typography learnings:

  (error) Working on Course publisherCodecademy's Java coursesMore JavaLRtHW(error) Working on Course publisher(error) Working on Course publisher
Sketch workflow
  • Github & Sketch
  • Writing up workflow findings 
Codecademy's Java coursesCodecademy's Java coursesLRtHW

More typography learnings:


Sketch workflow(error) Ill (sad)Capybara - Syntax and ExamplesLRtHW; Ruby styleDelving into Typography(error)
 Shared assets in SketchCodecademy's SQL courses (error) HolsComponent Library discovery(error)
 Justin joined!
 (error) Working on Course Publisher design(error)(error) (error) Working on Collections design(error)
 (error) Working on Course Publisher designVisual regression testing(error)Learn Ruby the Hard WayComponent Library Discovery(error)