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The birthplace of Amy Farrier and Eric Faust from A Tale of Water and Light. It's a small village of a couple of hundred inhabitants nestled in the foothills at the base of the Blackmist Mountains, which is a cold, unforgiving place filled with snow, predators and worse in the north of Regnum Periculi. Bergen is a fairly quiet place, with few visitors gracing its inn. It is ruled, loosely, by Lord Beckenridge, father of Lizzy Beckenridge, who lives in a large manorhouse a short distance from the village.

Despite being isolated, the villagers are not fearful of outsiders. Brother Edward, the priest at the temple, adventured for many years before retiring here. They are a kind lot, taking in Brother Simon after finding him lost in the woods and even managed to cope with the appearence of the half-elf Z. Peddlers, prospectors and the odd hunting party are made welcome when they pass through.